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Role of Parents on Decreasing Violence and Extremism in the Family

On July 9, 2018, APT held a panel discussion on the topic “Role of Parents on Decreasing Violence and Extremism in the Family” at the Lincoln Center in Bagh-e-Zanan. The Panelist were Asadullah Saeed, a writer and researcher and Khalilurrahman Saeed, an Islamic researcher.
The event targeted mothers as the most influential member of a family who plays a crucial role in raising healthy children and changing children’s behavior to play a positive role in society. These skills and tools were also discussed through APT De Rana Platoon via Killid Radio that is broadcasted every Thursday at 11 am. At the end of the event, the floor were given to the audiences and mothers to share their thoughts and ask their questions from the panelists.

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