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Social Tolerance – Practice of Tolerance

Social Tolerance – Practice of Tolerance

Afghans for Progressive Thinkingin in partnership with National Center for Policy Research (NCPR) held the fourth talk on “Social Tolerance” with the title: “Practice of Tolerance” on June 3 at “Shahrara Garden” in Kabul. Students discussed the following five main questions through the format of “World Cafe Method” in five separate rounds: 1) How diverse was your social environment in your childhood, and how has this affected you? 2) How diverse is your social environment, and how this effects your life? 3) Can you share a story of your life where you had positive experiences in coexisting with people from other ethnic or cultural group? 4) How would you explain an ideal Afghanistan? 5) What can you do to realize your dream for Afghanistan? 30 Students (15 male and 15 female) who attended this program inspired us with their vision. “

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