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APT Exposure Trip to India Stories

Asiya Abrishami studying Law and Political Science at Herat University, shares her exposure trip to India experience with us:

The only reason behind applying to APT exposure trip was that I believe youth are the current change makers, and as an Afghan female, by participating in this trip I will understand how youth from other countries are doing their part in bringing peace and changes in their community. In fact that came to reality as I was selected to participate in this program. This trip provided me the opportunity to present Afghanistan to youth from other countries and changed their negative perspective about my homeland.

Travelling outside of my country was my first experience and it was so hard for me to travel alone to country without any close friend or any member of family with a group of unknown people who were from different cities and there were too much questions that how can I be close with them?  Does the journey be boring with them? Also how their minds will be? And so other questions.

When I met the team first time all questions in my mind resolved because in my interaction I found all team members very friendly and kind and also being with them were enjoyable to me. What I learned was “I could and I do it”!!

Personally, this trip assisted me to gain experiences in a global level regarding peace building and youth advocacy, made new international friends who were from different countries with different believes, religion, cultures, thoughts and ideas.  Additionally, this trip opened my mind and taught me how to think broadly.

During the program I learned “Sustainability Thinking & Action” It helped me to know how to make changes in my thoughts, and respect other thoughts and opinions as well. The knowledge and experiences that I gained during this trip enables me to deliver my activities more deliberately in peace building and youth focused.

Therefore, this trip taught me the lessons of life. It inspired and motivated me to take part in future international programs to broad my worldview.”


Story of Mohammad Aref Modabber | Modabber is studying economics at Kabul Education University

We never can forget our dreams because it is like our part of life everyday follow us. As I remember since I was in 6th class of school and now I am senior in economics faculty, I all the time tried to paint a picture which it has mountains, tree, river, sun shining, ship, birds and me that sitting next to the tree. But I always draw a ridiculous one, till this trip could gave me my dream. Nothing will goes without remaining its impact on us, and like every moment of my life this trip had many impact on my personal and academic life that I cannot forget. As I realized my trip to India and participating in 12th GYPF (Global Youth Peace Fest) has three main impact on me.

Firstly, from friendly and warm behavior of global people. As it clear that nothing we put for our children without opposing with others believe and life style in our country. But I found respect and values of all believe or culture there, no matter who are you, no matter who is your god, no matter what logical or ridiculous believe you have? But they know how maintain from you and how respect your believe even it is absurd. The thing can safe us is corporations of cultures. The corporate which give to everyone to do stuff you are passionate about.

Secondly, the global participants and Indian students volunteers activities which how they scheduled their time and made a specific hours to work just for their country or world. They honestly worked for their people without any force, without any official responsibility just for the gossip of (Lets do more). I remember that day that I was busy with seeing the nice view of university and an Indian boy came and stand next to me but after a minute one of volunteers came and with all respect told him that could you please take little space from this lady? I was afraid that because I was an Afghan and this people afraid of me. When I asked from volunteer with smile that do you people fear of me? He answered so warmly that no madam I am here just for your convenience and that is my job, I shocked with his deeply understand.

Thirdly, from people economy in all aspects of life. I am sure that you people accept me by this claim that in our country the people which expend more or those that using from expensive products are modern and rich people. But in this trip I found that rich is not those who living with all modern facilities, conversely rich people are those which maintain from natural sources, environment and their own culture by the giving this feeling to others which there is not any difference between them.

All in all I believe that diversity is not just in different peoples culture or in countries but even it is in our home and inside of two heart and it is something naturel the best thing that we can do is respect those and live in peace so let’s do more. Shortly, this trip had important impact for respecting others believes, being the real world rich person and safe the world for future generation.

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